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Published on May 24th, 2014 | by Leonard Jackson


The Left’s Maniacal Obsession With the Brothers Koch

Last month one of the feature writers at the KC Star, Steve Rose, joined in the popular liberal screed attacking those notorious brothers from Wichita, Charles and David Koch. It seems these two “scare me to death” says Mr. Rose. Taking his cue from Democrat Senate Leader, Harry Reid, he goes on about all of the dastardly deeds these two can commit if only they are given the opportunity.

Now let’s remember, Rose is supposed to be the moderate right balance to the rest of the editorial staff at the Star who tend to be slightly to the left of Eugene V. Debs. He is the unofficial spokesman from that mysterious group of folks mostly located in Johnson and Wyandotte counties who, for some unexplainable reason, claim to be “Moderate Republicans”, though consistently supporting every progressive social program created and never missing a chance to vote for any tax for any purpose imaginable.

Rose accuses the Koch’s of surreptitiously harboring Libertarian views and tricking the unsuspecting, unenlightened Republican Party members into blindly accepting these clandestine shenanigans as Republican doctrine. It’s interesting how often the Left seems to feel obligated to provide political advice to their opponents.

So let’s see what those Wichita Wild Men are plotting to do when they successfully overthrow the government.

According to Mr. Rose, way back in 1980 David Koch, running as a vice presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket, advocated abolishing Social Security, Medicare, the FBI, CIA and public schools. He was also accused of agreeing with those who call for severe cuts –as much as half in the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation, Energy and Housing, Health and Human Services and Homeland Security and the elimination entirely of the Education Department. He adds that there are also calls today within the Republican Party today for the privatization of Social Security and Medicare, to mistrust the intelligence agencies and to foster home schooling and private schools over public schools.

It was apparent to those of us in the Conservative camp much earlier than 1980 that whenever there is government intrusion in any sector of the market place or in our daily lives chaos reigns and disaster is inevitable. While abolishing is a forceful word (and I seriously doubt it was ever actually used) all of those aforementioned departments should be evaluated impartially (if that’s possible in Washington) and those not eliminated should be directed to the state level.

Mr. Koch didn’t tell us that. We learned that by actually being in the workplace. Government is not able to function at any degree of efficiency for many reasons but, first and foremost: any job performance is intuitively problematic if the performer has no accountability. If you can’t be sanctioned, demoted or fired for inferior work, trust me, you will not get satisfactory results at any level of any endeavor. That’s just human nature. In today’s world in these United States how can anyone possibly hold to the notion that our government agencies and operatives can create, manage or in any way control a meaningful activity relating to our every-day lives. Where do they get their news and daily information? Maybe they just don’t.

But back to Mr. Rose and his concerns for our well-being. He doesn’t seem to fear the larger and more active political organizations on the left such as New York Nurses Association or the SEIU Local 1199 who protested the $100 million donation made to the New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center By the Koch’s. Or the United Automobile Workers who pretty much destroyed our auto industry as we once knew it.

And then there is George Soros’ many organizations like the Open Society Institute, MoveOn.org, Center for American Progress among the many progressive groups he has funded with billions of dollars. Speaking of billions of dollars, we won’t even bring up the subject of currency manipulation he has correctly been accused of on several occasions. Does anyone remember “The Man Who Broke England?”

Yes Mr. Rose and Mr. Reid and all their other liberal/progressive pals need to worry about those guys in Wichita. Other than the $100 million donation that was protested by the left, they’ve also donated $20 million to the American Museum of Natural History, $65 million to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and $100 million to the Lincoln Center, just to name a few. There has to be some ominous reasons for these large gifts and it was their own money, too. Whoever heard of such a thing?

You can always tell who the left fears the most. It’s the ones they attack the hardest. With this avalanche of obsessive negative commentary we are flooded with they obviously fear that these fellows have the wherewithal to promote their agenda and it just may be highly successful.

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