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Published on April 10th, 2017 | by Leonard Jackson


Our New Commander in Chief – The Right One at the Right Time

Whoa! What happened here? Well whadda’ ya know. There must be pigs flying somewhere. Hell has surely frozen over. Donald Trump won the election for President of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump defeated the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, 95% of the media, (this includes the pundits, both conservative and liberal), and 99% of the entertainment? industry including Hollywood, the late night talk shows, almost everything on ABC, CBS and NBC and absolutely everything on CNN and MSNBC. And remember what our past President so cheerfully pointed out after his election victory don’t you? “Elections matter, and I won.”

Just as I was preparing to have a personal pity party and resigned to the pending coronation of Hillary election results began to shift and, to the utter dismay of each team on each network and their attending pundits, the impossible actually began to seem possible. They scrambled to explain why this was happening and how they got it wrong yet again, and frantically tried to salvage some degree of relevancy while their world collapsed around them. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Since this historic day the political world has exploded. The President is illegitimate: the President is not qualified; the President is going to change everything; this has never been done before; he’s talking to the wrong people; the frenetic howls abound. Every word from his mouth (or tweet) is parsed. Every move is questioned and challenged. And this is from the Republicans!! Many of these folks owe their uninterrupted employment to this guy, but such are the ways of Washington, short memories and shorter loyalties.

On the other side the Democrats are foaming at the mouth. They’re doing what the left always does. They’re like the headless horseman who, when trouble arose, jumped on his horse and ran off in all directions. They’re everywhere. They’ve bought the “best protesters” money could buy and wound up with a bunch of terrorists who, on call, physically attack the victors, destroy private property, burn out private businesses and loot everything in sight; all in the name of a “protest” over an elected president they didn’t vote for. But the truth remains-they were utterly, completely and unequivocally destroyed in this past election.

Nationally they have absolutely no power. Only five states have a Democrat governor and legislative majority. Twenty states have a two-thirds Republican majority and eight of those have an eighty percent majority. The Dems cannot stop any appointments of the President’s Cabinet, the Supreme Court or any other legislation without help from some Republican mavericks. For the next two years, probably the next four years and, if they don’t call off their hired help, this could carry throughout the states and result in an eight year shutout. All they have now are their media friends to help them try to be relevant. But the more they squeal the more obvious their powerlessness becomes and the Republicans’ domination intensifies.

The Left somehow doesn’t remember 2012 and how many of us on the Right had a similar experience. After suffering through four years of a monumental disaster watching an unqualified ideologue’s policies time and again stifle any actions toward economic recovery; systematically dismantle our nation’s credibility at home and abroad while apologizing for our world-wide leadership status, we were bitterly disappointed when we realized the Republican party was not able to offer a candidate who was able to win the election. This happened even though the incumbent received five million less votes than he received before anyone knew who he was in 2008. We, at least, knew what we were in for. We had actual historical evidence to remind us how bad this was going to be. Unfortunately, we were not surprised.

In the days just before the election I started to believe that the huge crowds at all the Trump rally’s and the pitifully thin groups for Clinton meant something. I thought maybe this could be indicative of voter turnout in favor of Trump in the general election. But then Obama appears on the scene and begins not only campaigning with Hillary, but the families planned to watch the results together election night. And then, I have to admit, that’s when I knew that “the fix was in.” There’s no way he would risk what was left of a deteriorating legacy by actually going all in and publicly supporting Hillary if he didn’t know something we didn’t know. Right? After all, this was the most-powerful-machine that destroyed the ex-most-powerful machine eight years ago.

He certainly wouldn’t announce support for someone who had run on his record if he wasn’t absolutely sure the victory was guaranteed and his place in history would be commemorated, as he said, right along with presidents like Lincoln and even Washington. But he did, and it wasn’t, and he won’t be. This might be remembered as the most ill-advised decision of the many of his presidency.

But let’s look on the positive side of this “miracle”. There’s another reason for my vote other than “he’s not Hillary”. Since the beginning of his run, Trump has maintained a belief in term limits and how he wants to implement them in Congress. As he so aptly put it, “drain the swamp.” In the archives of this blog you’ll find numerous pieces that I have written on the subject. Some say I’m obsessed, I prefer keenly interested. I’m certain that this country cannot survive without the capability of the two parties to civilly debate the issues of governance of this nation and reach a mutually acceptable agreement that will benefit our citizens and those to come.

I’m equally certain that this group of men and women will never be able to reach this level of civility. The defeated left continues to prove this every day. Never have we witnessed a post-election spectacle like we’re experiencing today. We aren’t talking about Uganda here. We’re a nation of laws. We are the standard for the world for a free society. We have made our transitions of power seamlessly for nearly 250 years. We don’t have coups and blood-lettings and violence after a free election (or we haven’t before this one). The money now is simply too great surrender. The power piled up over the last fifty years by the wrong people is too great to relinquish. These folks will not capitulate at any cost, including the destruction of our country as we know it, if we don’t make changes today.

This is why President Trump’s plans for addressing limited service laws is so important. It won’t be easy and will take several elections to correct, but we have not had this opportunity in fifty years. In the next two years (hopefully eight) electing candidates who buy into the term limits ideology will be crucial. Five men or women (like those chosen by Trump for his cabinet) chosen in the next election in 2018 would be an impressive beginning. This won’t be easy. Many people (not only politicians) are invested in these existing conditions and will not give them up without an all-out battle. By the way – these are the same people who told us Trump could never beat Hillary. Just saying!



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