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Published on May 31st, 2015 | by Leonard Jackson


Know Your ABCs for 2016 – Anyone But Clinton

It’s hard to believe that we’ve tolerated the Clintons for nearly forty years. Like some derelict country cousins whom you thought had finally disappeared from your life and gone to wherever derelict country cousins go, ol’ Bill and Hill are back again in the public eye with the same irksome modus operandi we’ve come to know and loathe. Will this endless cycle never end? These two seem to take turns barging onto the public stage with the same predictable cycle of events: (1) the lie, or some equally unseemly statement or behavior; (2) the denial, which includes the shocking disbelief that anyone could accuse them of such actions; (3) the victimization, but with stiff upper lips they are able to overcome the persecution that they suffer at the hands of their enemies and then the predictable finale after the customary endless stonewalling (4) that’s old news now and nobody cares about it anymore. How many times have we seen this movie?

With their imperialistic attitudes that hold them above any of our annoying laws and regulations they seem to expect us to overlook their constant violations of these same laws that the rest of us have to follow. They are somehow perplexed and even indignant that we are not able to accept their jaw-dropping explanations and after all these years most of us of still believe “our lying eyes.”

Unfortunately, their complicit friends in the media and the great majority of the fawning left can’t get enough of the twosome. They’ve been able to explain away so many of these misdeeds over time that it makes one wonder what our modern day “Bonnie and Clyde” would have to do to finally cause the disapproval and disgust among the faithful that the rest of us have felt for most of these forty years. The dreadful truth is probably nothing would change a single one of those closed minds.

The same people who voted for our present presidential debacle will vote for Hillary for the same reason – “It’s time.” Six years ago it was “time” to elect an African-American. And now it’s “time” to elect a woman. And today, as it was then, this is no valid reason to select someone to be a candidate for this position. The gender or the color of one’s skin has absolutely no bearing on the qualifications for this office of monumental importance. Unfortunately, this is not an election for the most popular boy or girl in some high school sophomore class. This is an election for the most important job in the most powerful nation in the world. To elect someone simply because we’ve never chosen an African-American or a woman in our history does not mean we can afford to put someone in that position who lacks the experience, knowledge, disposition and character necessary to properly handle the job. We’re seeing the fulfillment of this axiom play out in the former and can only imagine the catastrophic results with the latter.

Hillary will be the Democrat party’s candidate in 2016 (who else can they choose?) If we haven’t learned what to expect from the feckless leadership in the past six years we deserve the certain disastrous results that will surely occur if we make the same mistake again. We have seen what happens to our country when our leaders use divisive schemes to choose winners and losers and advance their agenda that is almost diametrically opposed to the intentions of the Founding Fathers.

Somewhere in this country of 300 million souls there has to be a person who has the intelligence, leadership qualities, worldly experience and effectual expertise to bring together a majority of dedicated citizens and lead them in a concerted effort to put a stop to this nation’s dramatic descent. We have persisted, though struggling, to overcome a six (soon to be eight) years purposeful actions designed entirely to create this present divisive, bitter, antagonistic climate that has weakened our nation, not only in our own eyes, but in the eyes of the world. We are truly not the nation that we once were.

But we have persisted. This is still the greatest experiment in the history of the modern world. We are still the mediator, watchdog, benevolent arbitrator and last defense against a growing secularist world. Because this truly is our duty, we must find the person who can measure up. That person is among us here today and, God willing, I’m certain can be found. And I’m equally certain it sure as hell ain’t Hillary Clinton.

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