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Published on March 4th, 2011 | by Leonard Jackson


Fiscal Diet – No More Pork

Fiscal PorkThe first and by far the most important obstruction that has to be overcome in attempting to address the fiscal shipwreck we find ourselves in today is the destructive self deceptions of imagined entitlements that over time we have developed. We were at first uninformed victims of the worst kinds of political skullduggery that created this authorized mentality, but over time as the paybacks grew we became participants whenever possible in the reasoning that whatever our representatives and senators could procure for us was richly deserved.

We cannot hope to even begin the first steps in this long journey of recovery if we won’t recognize the causes of the problem and the culprits who are the most to blame for the dilemma. Unfortunately there is a real problem no matter what the left maintains. We actually have spent ourselves into bankruptcy. But to deal with those who are responsible for this mess we have to first look at ourselves.

We have turned our election process into a popularity contest. The few of us to take the time to vote go to the polls and select the candidate who tells us what we want to hear. We choose the one who assures us that we will receive this largesse from the government’s coffers no matter how extravagant or unnecessary or just plain stupid it may be. If we don’t get it in our district it will go somewhere else so, the disastrous results be damned, we will get our due. For the next election and the next and the next we consistently send back to Washington the people who are the most influential and can provide the most pork (or promise the most) to us no matter what it does to our national budget and deficit.

This is not governing. It is irresponsible bribery that grows larger and larger and has no end. It will only keep growing until we face the facts that the cost of our debt and the loss of productive time to deal with the monumental problems this creates will render us helpless to address the opportunities that a good efficient government can provide its citizens in the few services in which it should be involved. This is where we are now!

So there has to be a solid commitment from a majority of voters. Solid enough to stay the course while the left goes back to their old playbook and brings out all the draconian threats they’ve used time and time again to defeat this reasoning. Our seniors will be back to eating cat food, our children will not only become malnourished but will not get the education that they deserve. And all the while the rich are getting richer on the backs of our widows and orphans. The media will find pictures and horror stories that they always have ready and try to convince us all that without spending more money our whole nation is lost. We would have to remember daily why we are where we are and the outrageously extravagant practices that got us here.

This would not be an easy transformation to get started, never mind the possibility of being successful. Many might say it would be impossible for enough people to join in to make it work. A year ago I would have been in their number. But, if the successfulness of the Tea Party movement has done nothing else, it has proven that enough people with shared goals and principles can, by working together, make a significant difference in the political landscape and continue to do so for many elections to come. Thanks to them I remain optimistic. I still believe we can save ourselves from ourselves. It doesn’t take much to get started – just reexamining our beliefs and principles we were taught to live by would be an excellent place to start.

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Leonard Jackson

As I prepare my “reentry” into the e-world of blogging, I am advised that I should provide my prospective audience with a brief biographical résumé covering my life’s work and future aspirations so that I, and my work, can be properly categorized and thus judged in the proper venue. Since I will be joining a new group in just a few short months, it came to my attention that for a quick summary I can cover my life span in 20 year segments that pretty well sum up the route that I took to get to where I am today. In December, the Lord willing, I will become a member of that esteemed group known as Octogenarians. . Now that may be a disturbing, even scary, pigeonhole for some folks to find themselves assigned to, but I’m beginning to realize some real benefits from being maturity advantaged. The first 20 years I grew up, was educated and began my married life and my career. Second period was about 20 years in the cotton business in Memphis, TN. Trading this commodity in the world’s largest inland cotton market. Third period was spent in the municipal bond industry in Memphis, Houston TX Chicago and finally to my present home in Kansas City, MO. The fourth 20 years I served as a registered investment adviser to a number of individual clients which I continue to do in a semi-retired capacity. In addition to all this, over all these years, I have been blessed with a loving wife of sixty years, four children, four grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and a menagerie of grand horses, dogs, cats and a donkey. Providentially, none of these, except of course my patient wife, are still living in the family home. And now the fifth period will be consumed in my new career. For the first time in all the years I have an opportunity to share my opinions with the world. I can truly express my thoughts without regard to any extenuating conditions. I can just say how I feel about any subject. How liberating. Let the blogging begin!!!! By the way – what I do in the next period remains to be seen and depends on how well I do in the fifth period.

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