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A Wrong That Has To Be Righted

Paul Greenberg, Nobel Prize winning journalist, author and current editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, has received many awards and citations throughout his illustrious career, and deservedly so. But none received the public acclaim he gained for the perfect moniker he stuck on former President Bill Clinton – “Slick Willie.” Nothing could define the character of the person more perfectly. It has stood the test of time. I have been trying for weeks to come up with just such a jewel for our shifty, malleable, chameleon-like, kaleidoscopic, changeable, fickle, erratic Senator Claire McCaskill. None has the perfect syntax or catchy ring that gives it the immortality that Greenberg achieved with his choice; it just proves his genius and my weakness, but I had to try.

How do you identify a person like this consummate politician who can, at times, be anything to anyone, depending on the time, place or person of the moment? She will do anything, say anything for any purpose and blatantly deny any knowledge of any mischief when she is confronted or questioned. It’s as if she doesn’t believe that any of us read a newspaper other than the liberally compliant KC Star or listen to any electronic media other than what was once called the mainstream media, (but who now have evolved into messengers for the Democrat party and all things liberal).

She can, within the flick of a eye, sound like the typical frustrated mom of troublesome teenagers; the ever-attentive daughter of needy parents; the “everything to everyone” solution who can provide more and more government handouts while virtually wiping out taxes and personal responsibilities or, the real gasser, a serious fiscal conservative carefully watching over our money in a corrupt Washington. But, unfortunately, she always reverts back to the real Claire when the voting gets meaningful.

This campaign, however, will probably go down as her crowning accomplishment. Faced with her almost certain defeat due to the baggage of ObamaCare and the failed Democrat record of the past four years, Claire really went to work and, despite her usual unsavory actions, you have to admire the political genius in this sequence of events she designed. Any one of the three candidates in the Republican primary would be a heavy favorite to unseat her in the coming general election. The Republican Party was counting on a winner and one more vote needed in the Senate to repeal this bill.

But crafty Claire outfoxed them. She ingeniously led an advertising campaign designed to elect one specific candidate (whom she rightly believed to be the weakest of the three) in “The Other Party’s Primary”, and is rumored to have directed a major influx of Democrat party members into that primary to vote for this weaker candidate. Tragically her mischief was successful; the surprise winner further obliged her early in the race when he stepped on his tongue with a colossal gaff and gave her a greater gift than even she had anticipated.

Joe Biden proclaimed during the last election that “President Obama has no better friend in Washington than Claire McCaskill” when she was campaigning unsuccessfully but tirelessly for his presidential campaign in Missouri. She was acknowledged as a driving force in the passage of the disastrous Obamacare legislation. Yet now she hardly knows our President, missed the unpopular (in Missouri) Democrat party convention and proudly proclaims in her advertisements that she voted against her party often. She would have you believe that she is completely independent and has no party ties. But we know better. We don’t have a problem with those few, isolated votes against the party, it’s the hundreds of times she fell in line with the progressive agenda where we have a problem.

If a vote for McCaskill prevents the Republican Party from rescinding the ObamaCare bill it will be the most damaging mistake we voters have made in the last fifty years, or maybe ever. It is the most reprehensible piece of legislation that one party, acting alone, has ever perpetrated on another party or, for that matter, on our nation, in modern times and it simply has to be repealed at all costs.

That’s why I will not have a problem voting for Todd Akin for Senator. Having one more narcissistic egomaniac making stupid statements daily in the US Senate would hardly be unique. By simply watching the daily news you can see several every day. For all the reasons I can give for replacing this failed administration the one that we cannot survive and must repeal is ObamaCare. If Claire wins her bid for reelection and reverts back to her same old progressive ways it will be much harder to construct a workable heath program after this thing is law. It must be repealed with or without Claire – it would just be much more gratifying with the latter rather than the former.

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Leonard Jackson

As I prepare my “reentry” into the e-world of blogging, I am advised that I should provide my prospective audience with a brief biographical résumé covering my life’s work and future aspirations so that I, and my work, can be properly categorized and thus judged in the proper venue. Since I will be joining a new group in just a few short months, it came to my attention that for a quick summary I can cover my life span in 20 year segments that pretty well sum up the route that I took to get to where I am today. In December, the Lord willing, I will become a member of that esteemed group known as Octogenarians. . Now that may be a disturbing, even scary, pigeonhole for some folks to find themselves assigned to, but I’m beginning to realize some real benefits from being maturity advantaged. The first 20 years I grew up, was educated and began my married life and my career. Second period was about 20 years in the cotton business in Memphis, TN. Trading this commodity in the world’s largest inland cotton market. Third period was spent in the municipal bond industry in Memphis, Houston TX Chicago and finally to my present home in Kansas City, MO. The fourth 20 years I served as a registered investment adviser to a number of individual clients which I continue to do in a semi-retired capacity. In addition to all this, over all these years, I have been blessed with a loving wife of sixty years, four children, four grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and a menagerie of grand horses, dogs, cats and a donkey. Providentially, none of these, except of course my patient wife, are still living in the family home. And now the fifth period will be consumed in my new career. For the first time in all the years I have an opportunity to share my opinions with the world. I can truly express my thoughts without regard to any extenuating conditions. I can just say how I feel about any subject. How liberating. Let the blogging begin!!!! By the way – what I do in the next period remains to be seen and depends on how well I do in the fifth period.

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