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Published on October 5th, 2010 | by Leonard Jackson


A real head scratcher

Kansas City Star

KC Star’s Investigative Reporting

Last week The Kansas City Star ran an article by Dave Helling and David Klepper that was a real “head scratcher.” I’ve read it a second time to see if maybe I missed something, but I’m still at a loss to figure it out.
The piece was on the front page, mind you, and the headline read: “Democrats fear Brownback donor could buy clout.” The article went on to “expose” the Koch brothers, David and Charles of Wichita’s Koch Industries, who had supported many conservative political campaigns and initiatives over the years, particularly those that involved Mr. Brownback.
I know of no one, who has even a casual interest in the political goings-on in Kansas that is not familiar with the Koch’s and their involvement in many conservative issues in the state as well as the national political scene.
My question is: why is this news (front page news) and who could it be aimed at that hasn’t been aware of this relationship for years? And why is this different than any of the hundreds of thousands of similar alliances all over the country? Does the name George Soros come to mind?
Jim Bergfalk, identified in the article as a Democrat and political consultant, said, “One should monitor future “asks” for the Kochs.” Gee, I thought that was the policy of the legislature for all the “asks” all the time.
Helling and Steve Kraske have long ago relinquished any claim to actual journalism. Their obvious left-leaning bias has to be accepted in places like Kraske’s column or the editorial page, but when it prevails in what is considered news stories, it loses any sense of credibility.
It has always been a challenge for journalists to appear objective in reporting the news, but in the past there was a subtlety about it that gave a reader a doubt or no thought at all, about the writers’ opinion on the matter. Today every item in the print media is looked at with a critical eye. Who wrote it and whose side is he/she on. They should at least have the decency to try to hide their side like they did in the past.

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