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Published on October 28th, 2010 | by Leonard Jackson


Juan Williams and NPR

Juan WilliamsSince everyone else has commented on the Juan Williams firing by NPR, I figure I can add some well-chosen words to voice my opinion. When speaking of NPR I always choose my words carefully so as not to offend my elite friends who are loyal supporters of the publicly funded “news” network. For years these folks have been eager to inform me that they just can’t listen to today’s radio patter because it’s filled with such hate and right wing propaganda that it shouldn’t be allowed to be on the air and if they have their way it won’t be much longer.
Well it seems that Juan picked the absolute worst place to express his concern – on Fox network’s The Bill O’Reilly Show. Some suggest that if he had said this on some other show like the Charlie Rose Show it wouldn’t have caused such a stir.
But he said to O’Reilly that when he sees Muslims in Muslim garb boarding an airplane it makes him nervous. He simply expressed what would be on the minds of most Americans under the same circumstances.
This caused someone at NPR to utter an audible gasp and even show a bit of emotion at this unforgivable gaff and he was immediately fired by telephone by NPR VP Ellen Weiss for making such a bigoted statement. CEO Vivian Schiller responded to all this with an unseemly remark suggesting that Juan should share his feelings about Muslims only with his psychiatrist or publicist. She later apologized for the remark and NPR Ombudsman, Vivian Schiller, (was Juan the only male working at NPR?) added that maybe Juan should have been given a choice to either shape up or ship out.
The Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News is one of the few shows that I watch on TV with any regularity and I have noted many times that I rarely agree with Williams or his NPR partner, Mara Liasson, but I do respect their professionalism and the way they go about their analyses. I believe them to be honestly as liberal as they appear.
I’ve tried many times to “get it” by listening to some of the programs particularly on Saturdays. I have found some things that I really liked – not many, but some. But the music, for the most part I’m just not sophisticated enough to appreciate, the comedy shows are just not funny anymore – they simply don’t have anything to say now that George Bush is not in office and the news shows seem like they are being broadcast from some European network with a decided bias against the despised, coarse, overbearing, unrefined and domineering United States.
Liberal journalists maintain that even though he misspoke and made a silly statement, he shouldn’t have been fired. The truth is that this wasn’t a silly statement. It was a sentiment shared by many and if we continue ignoring the Muslim threat it will come back to haunt us. If most so called good, well-meaning, deeply religious Muslims are not like their brothers who keep trying to kill us and blow us up it would behoove them to separate themselves from this criminal element in their religion and bring it a stop.
I don’t care whether this firing was because he was appearing on the Fox network. I don’t care if this action was made at the demands of George Soros whose donation made through his Open Society Institute was the cause. I don’t care if Williams had finally worn out his welcome at NPR. But I do know that what has been lost in all this is something else Williams said. He quite rightly stated: I think political correctness can lead to some kind of paralysis where you don’t address reality. We’re already there Juan, I just hope there’s some kind of cure for our disability.

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As I prepare my “reentry” into the e-world of blogging, I am advised that I should provide my prospective audience with a brief biographical résumé covering my life’s work and future aspirations so that I, and my work, can be properly categorized and thus judged in the proper venue. Since I will be joining a new group in just a few short months, it came to my attention that for a quick summary I can cover my life span in 20 year segments that pretty well sum up the route that I took to get to where I am today. In December, the Lord willing, I will become a member of that esteemed group known as Octogenarians. . Now that may be a disturbing, even scary, pigeonhole for some folks to find themselves assigned to, but I’m beginning to realize some real benefits from being maturity advantaged. The first 20 years I grew up, was educated and began my married life and my career. Second period was about 20 years in the cotton business in Memphis, TN. Trading this commodity in the world’s largest inland cotton market. Third period was spent in the municipal bond industry in Memphis, Houston TX Chicago and finally to my present home in Kansas City, MO. The fourth 20 years I served as a registered investment adviser to a number of individual clients which I continue to do in a semi-retired capacity. In addition to all this, over all these years, I have been blessed with a loving wife of sixty years, four children, four grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and a menagerie of grand horses, dogs, cats and a donkey. Providentially, none of these, except of course my patient wife, are still living in the family home. And now the fifth period will be consumed in my new career. For the first time in all the years I have an opportunity to share my opinions with the world. I can truly express my thoughts without regard to any extenuating conditions. I can just say how I feel about any subject. How liberating. Let the blogging begin!!!! By the way – what I do in the next period remains to be seen and depends on how well I do in the fifth period.

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