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Published on January 24th, 2011 | by Leonard Jackson


Good News

Ford EscapeIn Kansas City last Wednesday morning we all woke up to a brand new day and the two leading stories in the Kansas Star were: (1) The Ford Motor Company announced it was going to spend $400 million dollars to revamp their Claycomo plant, thus ending the speculation of its a closing and saving 3,750 jobs plus several hundred more in various suppliers jobs. They will now manufacture the next Ford Escape, formerly produced in Claycomo, in their two plants in Louisville, Ky. and produce a new model after the new construction is completed to accommodate it at Claycomo. What a welcome change to see all these big numbers for new construction and rescued jobs for the area.

And speaking of big numbers, the (2) headline was the announcement by Royals pitcher, Gil Meche, that he has decided to retire and forego his $12.4 million final payment of his five year contract. He had suffered some serious shoulder injuries over the past four years and had debated spending his last year in the bullpen. But although he could have simply reported to spring training and claimed he was injured (which was true) and collected his $12.4 million dollars (which he was contractually owed) and headed on back home to Louisiana, but he didn’t. He said it wasn’t the right thing to do. Can you imagine that? I realize that it’s not as hard to turn down $12.4 million after you’ve received $40 million already, but a deals a deal. The money was his if he claimed it. I don’t care how the players’ union feels about this but it sure makes good reading just to know that there are still some of these people left in professional sports.

It’s not often that good news is the lead story of the day. When it happens we should make note and celebrate the event.

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