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Butler, Lanz & Wagler Adds “All-Weather” Approach to Asset Management

My friends at Butler, Lanz and Wagner are now offering an interesting “All-Weather” approach to asset management that provides some additional investment options through more active management using strategies only available in the past to larger hedge fund managers.

Almost anyone actively involved with the markets today expects a bumpy road for the next few years and a boom-bust marketplace that should keep money managers on their toes. This is not good news to the old standard “buy and hold” programs that have long been the majority choice of asset management. The biggest problem in this environment is that the recapture of losses sustained in the “bust” periods is usually the primary hindrance to growth over the long haul. There is always pressure to seek a higher return with less capital just to replace the drawdown from the last “bust.”

The features of the All-Weather approach include extreme diversification, the ability to have a long/short position, market timing and active trading. These were considered only for the big guys at one time. But today with the careful selection of assets and their customary attention given to risk-adjusted returns BLW is offering a great alternative to asset management that is flexible and non-correlated enough to withstand the outside distractions that continue to grow.

This is an excellent answer to navigate through a marketplace which has been over-served by the Federal Reserve Bank and all things political. To make sense out of the constant “tweeking” and jawboning” that is an every-day occurrence at the Fed to affect the market for reasons other than purely economic this is a full-time job.

Economic cycles are real and they matter. Every asset you own should be evaluated with some pattern of regularity if, for no other reason, to see if it’s still an asset. A professional analysis with sound economic solutions is not something everyone is capable of accomplishing. This is not about picking this year’s leading fund managers or the latest hot stocks or commodities, this is sound economic reasoning and is much more than this writer can cover on this blog in this space.

It would be a good idea to go to “” and download the full report by Chris Butler. I would advise printing it and spending some time reading it over (maybe twice). Then call the guys at Butler, Lanz & Wagler at (913) 696-1919 and set up a free one hour consultation. Even if you aren’t ready to make a change yet, the education will be good for you.

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