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Well we’re back! Our “brief shutdown for renovation” lasted longer than we planned but hopefully it was worth the wait. Our plan was to redesign the front page, aiming for a more reader-friendly display and link to a number of daily posts to present a more up-to-date, present-day format.

That’s still the intention, but things were not progressing nearly fast enough in the “design” department (I can only read and digest directions from “Blogs for Dummies” a little bit at a time) and the world seemed to be passing us by. So I obtained the services of Travis Pflanz of WebWorks.com to help me with the structure and reader-friendly format I was looking for, which would allow me to focus on the content and frequency of our posts. He actually does web page and blog design professionally and has done a great job in “teaching an old dog new tricks.” More importantly, he’ll be hanging around for consulting help when I get totally overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, the daily news is erupting each day with more revelations of new chicanery unraveling in our nation’s capitol and, along with the accompanying, ubiquitous denials are becoming more bizarre by the hour. This whole scandal thing is so unbelievably unprincipled and transparent they would be rejected as too far-fetched for Robert Ludlum’s next mystery novel. I can’t wait any longer. There are things that are being uncovered that will be in our nation’s history books for a long time –if they are ever released by our present administration and its compliant media.

Seriously, this is BeulahLand for bloggers! Not only are the shenanigans incredible in their audacity, the pitiful explanations and cover-ups are unworthy of belief at every level and, unfortunately, simply provide cannon fodder for the late-night guys and radio talk show pundits as well as us bloggers.

I am now four major scandals behind, not to mention two or three “minor” ones that have been pushed to the end of the line and the always possible new discoveries/confessions from the “most transparent administration in our nation’s history”. Seriously, we’re now down to the President and his Congressional toadies defending with: “Nothing to see here- we need to move on; Just phony trumped-up scandals;” to be summed up soon with: “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”

What was once considered the main stream media (now more like the protectors of the privileged Left) doesn’t seem to be able to find any of these misdeeds without outside help and is perfectly willing, as in the Benghazi incident, to cover up the administration’s cover up for weeks after the tragic, disgraceful affair.

We will linkup with Real Clear Politics that will provide opinions from the leading op-ed columnists on matters in the news, especially political and Real Clear Markets provides another group of pundits on investment news and the markets. These are considered the top columnists in the country and present opinions from both sides of the political discussion. We will also include regular contributions from some personal favorites of mine who will enlighten us and explain (if anyone really can) the machinations of the experts in Washington and Wall Street.

I will post my words of wisdom in this spot each Monday morning and occasionally on Thursdays depending on time and circumstances. We are looking for contributors on special interest feature stories and we’ll have a spot for personal comments for those who want to join the fun.

Our aim is to present a daily emagazine format that will comment on the news and happenings from a different viewpoint than you will hear and see  from today’s newspeople?  – especially our own Kansas City Star. We’ll leave their opinion writers alone, (anyone is entitled to be as misinformed and wrong-minded as they are condemned to be) but when the editorial page slips over into news reporting, we will try to point that out. And of course, we’ll always be looking to make our case for our singular, most important objective for the salvation of our nation – Term Limits. We’ll be writing on this subject quite a bit. I suppose you might say it’s our mission.

So thanks for visiting. If you would like to subscribe just give us your email over in the proper spot and we’ll send you our latest post as it appears. If you want to unsubscribe (and I can’t imagine why) there’s a place for that too.


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